What is a Monero Wallet Explorer and How Does it Work

What is a Monero Wallet Explorer and How Does it Work

A Monero wallet explorer is a tool that lets you see and track transactions on the Monero blockchain. In this article, we will explain what a Monero wallet explorer is and how it works.

What is a Monero wallet explorer?

A Monero wallet explorer is like a search engine that lets you find specific transactions on the Monero blockchain. You can see details such as the amount of Monero sent or received, the sender and receiver addresses, and the fee paid for the transaction. You can also see information about the blocks that have these transactions, such as the block number and the time it was created.

One of the most popular Monero wallet explorers is XMRchain.net. This tool lets you find transactions, view transaction history, and check the status of your own transactions. You can also see the current state of the Monero network, such as how many nodes are online, how fast the network is processing transactions, and how hard it is to mine new blocks.

How do you use a Monero wallet explorer?

To use a Monero wallet explorer, you just need to type in the transaction ID, block hash, or wallet address that you want to look up. The tool will then show you the information you need about the transaction or block.

Some wallet explorers also have extra features such as graphs and charts that let you see how the Monero network is doing over time. For example, XMRchain.net has a chart that shows how many transactions are happening on the Monero network every day.

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